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Local & Regional Magazine Subscriptions

Featured Local & Regional Magazines...

The New Yorker
The weekly magazine of cartoons, culture, and commentary....

47 issues
Cover Price: $167.32
Our Price: $39.95
76% Savings

If you live in the West, you must have Sunset! In each issue, you find garden tips for your area, home decorating and de...

12 issues
Cover Price: $59.88
Our Price: $16.00
73% Savings

Arizona Highways
Breathtaking views galore are captured in Arizona Highways. You can see images of The Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, the...

12 issues
Cover Price: $47.88
Our Price: $21.00
56% Savings

New York
Edited for the sophisticated audience interested in critical examination of contemporary ideas. NEW YORK deals regularly...

46 issues
Cover Price: $152.72
Our Price: $17.97
88% Savings

Coastal Living
Coastal Living is written for the lovers of the seashores! Whether you live along America's great coasts, or simply love...

10 issues
Cover Price: $35.10
Our Price: $16.00
54% Savings

The only magazine devoted to the fastest-growing watersport around, Wakeboarding delivers tons of tips and instruction o...

9 issues
Cover Price: $31.59
Our Price: $9.99
68% Savings

Where To Retire
If you're nearing retirement and want to explore different options, Where to Retire will help you find the ideal place t...

6 issues
Cover Price: $29.70
Our Price: $18.00
39% Savings

Cruising World
The thrill of the open seas. The exhilaration and rush of the wind and water powering you towards a port of call. Cruisi...

12 issues
Cover Price: $59.40
Our Price: $16.00
73% Savings

Cowboys & Indians
Cowboys & Indians captures in its pages the drama, grandeur and rich cultural heritage of the American West. It appeals ...

8 issues
Cover Price: $47.60
Our Price: $20.00
58% Savings

Atlantic Monthly
Voted "most insightful, thought-provoking magazine" by the readers of American Journalism Review, The Atlantic Monthly i...

10 issues
Cover Price: $49.50
Our Price: $24.95
49% Savings

More Local & Regional Magazines...

» Wild West - If you're fascinated by Western heritage, Wild West is the magazine for you. Each issue focuses on the history, people, places and events that shaped the American frontier, presenting the conflicts and issues of the day through absorbing features and photo essays. Read about Cowboys, Indians, gunslingers, lawmen and the other colorful icons of Western culture. ...learn more

» North American Whitetail - Been deer hunting since you were a young pup? Love the satisfaction of coming home with a kill? If so, you'll love North American Whitetail, the magazine devoted to the serious deer hunter. In every issue, you'll acquire useful information and helpful advice about hunting Whitetail deer. This is the perfect publication for the serious trophy deer hunter....learn more

» Traditional Home - Tasteful, timeless designs never go out of style, as this magazine celebrates. Traditional styles in home decorating, furnishings and gardens are displayed through beautiful photographs and descriptive reports....learn more

» Florida Sportsman - No state can boast of an outdoor lifestyle like Florida, and no magazine gives you better fishing and boating instruction than the Florida Sportsman. In-depth articles and how-to pieces about the art and craft of fishing and boating are designed for both the expert anglers and seamen and the casual participants....learn more

» Caribbean Travel & Life - All of your vacation wishes and dreams come alive in Caribbean Travel & Life! Whether you're looking to retire to the breathtaking, relaxing Caribbean or you have a well deserved week off from work and you're looking to discover the Caribbean, Caribbean Travel & Life is your magazine. Discover the alluring resorts, nature, romantic getaways and bargains. Plan your dream vacation....learn more

» Alaska - The magazine of life on the last frontier....learn more

» Yankee - The authority on New England. Yankee is full of things that make you smile....learn more

» Texas Monthly - One big state. One great magazine. Texas Monthly is your guide to the people, places, and events all over Texas. Whether you're a genuine Texan or just wish you were, every issue takes you to the most exciting getaway spots, the best restaurants, and introduces you to the personalities who make the state unique. ...learn more

» Gray's Sporting Journal - For an intellectual and artistic approach to the outdoor sporting world, engulf your senses with Gray's Sporting Journal. Each issue provides the avid sportsman excellent coverage of hunting and fishing with an emphasis on literature & art. The magazine's unique approach makes for fascinating and enlightening reading. If you are interested in expanding your sporting knowledge, this is your publication....learn more

» Conde Nast Traveler - Pack your bags and your get your passport ready! After reading just one issue of Conde Nast Traveler, you'll get the travel bug. This publication not only features hot destinations nationally and internationally but forecasts upcoming hotspots. So whether you're looking for a party vacation or the relaxing week of your life, let Conde Nast Traveler be your guide....learn more

» Los Angeles - Witty and sophisticated, skeptical but not cynical, if ever a publication captured the spirit of a city, it's Los Angeles. Your insider's guide to knowing it all and getting it "right" when it comes to the good life in L.A....learn more

» Texas Parks & Wildlife - Outdoor recreation in the Lone Star State is the focus of this magazine, which is packed with stunning color photos and stories about wildlife, fishing, camping, birding, travel, hunting, boating and environmental issues in Texas and its state parks....learn more

» Midwest Living - America's great midwest comes alive for you in every issue of Midwest Living, the top publication covering the life and times of the midwest. Want to know what to do on your trip to Chicago? Passing through the Cleveland area? Let Midwest Living be your guide. It's all here: travel destinations, restaurant reviews, regional events and profiles of the people that make the midwest so special and unique....learn more

» Hawaii - Explore the pristine North Shore. Experience the desolate expanse of the big island's volcanic rock. Or check out dinner and a show in the cosmopolitan city of Honolulu. Every issue of Hawaii Magazine takes you to places you may have missed, would like to visit again or simply must see during your next trip....learn more

» Cruise Travel - Cruise Travel is for people who are interested in learning about or taking a cruise vacation. Enticing editorial includes features on cruise ships, ports-of-call, and cruise itineraries right for you. Also educate yourself about cruise guidelines, cruise/tour combinations, and sea/air packages. Pick up the latest in travel products, related shore facilities and activities. Anchors away for a subscription!...learn more

» Pittsburgh Magazine - Aimed at the educated, cosmopolitan resident of western Pennsylvania, the award-winning Pittsburgh Magazine focuses on local issues, people, places, events and community affairs. This magazine also spotlights current trends in fashion, sports, entertainment and the arts....learn more

» Baltimore - Devoted to all aspects of life in Baltimore with a special emphasis on issues, events, people, dining out, home & garden and travel....learn more

» Boston - Events and trends on dining, arts, culture, fashion & politics in and around Boston....learn more

» Philadelphia Magazine - A publication for residents of the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia Magazine covers events, trends, politics, culture, entertainment and dining in the city's metropolitan area. This nationally known magazine is highly regarded for its investigative reporting, community service and hard-hitting approach to local affairs....learn more

» Vietnam - Vietnam veterans and others interested in the history of the conflict are the target readership of this magazine. The Vietnam experience is covered from the personal, historical and global perspective, with first-person commentary and in-depth accounts about the weaponry, battles, strategies and forces....learn more

» Palm Springs Life - It has great weather and championship golf courses, but Palm Springs has much more, as this award-winning publication points out. A magazine for residents of the California desert community and those who vacation there, Palm Springs Life focuses on the lifestyle, fashion, sports and entertainment in the resort area. For the best restaurants, golf courses and events, look no further than this prestigious magazine....learn more

» Alabama Game & Fish - If you like to hunt and fish in Alabama, at last there is a magazine just for you! Alabama Game & Fish is the ultimate guide to the great outdoor life in the * State. Detailed articles ranging from choice fishing locations to the best places to camp while out on the hunt give readers all they need to know about the vast landscapes of outdoor recreation in Alabama....learn more

» Connecticut - Devoted to all aspects of life in Connecticut with a special emphasis on issues, events, people, dining out, home & garden and travel....learn more

» Vermont Life - There's more to Vermont than maple syrup, as this glossy magazine proves. Vermont Life is designed for residents, vacationers and others who appreciate the scenic beauty and lifestyle opportunities the state has to offer. This magazine provides a fascinating guide to the history, geography, people, culture, cuisine and events in the region, beautifully illustrated by spectacular photography....learn more

» Realm - God save the Queen! Anglophiles rejoice for REALM, the informative magazine of Britain's History and Countryside. Each bi-monthly issue gives Britain lovers more full color photographs and features about British life, culture and heritage than any other publication....learn more

» Scotland - Enjoy the dream, explore the legend and experience the reality. Covering all aspects of contemporary Scottish life, as well as the wonders of Scotland's heritage, you will be amongst the first to discover the trends that will shape the Scotland of tomorrow....learn more

» Pennsylvania Game & Fish - Are you an avid fisherman? Is the thought of spending the day with a bloodhound hunting your cup of tea? If you like to hunt and fish in the Keystone state, Pennsylvania Game & Fish is the magazine just for you! Featuring hunting and fishing hotspots and tips to be the best at these recreational activities, you'll look forward to every issue....learn more

» Georgia Sportsman - Planing your next fishing trip in the great state of Georgia? Looking for a new place to hunt? Georgia Sportsman is dedicated to the state's entire outdoor gaming experience. Insightful travel and vacation guides, equipment reviews and profiles of local outdoor enthusiasts make this a must-read for both the native resident and the avid tourist. Don't go on your next outdoor adventure without the help of the Georgia Sportsman!...learn more

» Wisconsin Sportsman - The state of sportsman's dreams comes vividly to life in the pages of Wisconsin Sportsman. Each issue shares the excitement of Wisconsin's many offerings--from camping to fishing the many lakes and waterways to hunting waterfowl and the big game of the inland--with the detail and passion of a trusted guide. A must-read for every Wisconsin sports enthusiast....learn more

» Paper - Paper is the magazine of culture formation among the seriously hip, a style bible, the periscope of pop culture, consistently ahead on style trends. The only Guide with style offers comprehensive listings of where to eat, shop, party, drink, view art, catch a movie and be beautiful in Gotham....learn more

» British Heritage - People who love England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales will enjoy British Heritage. This is the magazine of travel, culture and adventure for those seeking a guide to all things British. ...learn more

» Minnesota Sportsman - Written for the outdoor enthusiasts of Minnesota and the midwest at large, Minnesota Sportsman is your best source on gaming in Minnesota. Whether you are planning a hunting vacation or just looking for a great new spot to catch the big fish, Minnesota Sportsman guides you through the wilderness and into the thousands of lakes the state has to offer. Travel and vacation guides, equipment reviews and informative features on outdoor lovers like yourself make Minnesota Sportsman the perfect compani...learn more

» Orange Coast Magazine - Designed for the discerning, well-to-do residents of Orange County, California, this magazine covers local news, events, politics, personalities, sports and the arts. Special issues are dedicated to health and fitness, dining and entertainment, home and garden, and resorts....learn more

» New Jersey Monthly - New Jersey has a lot to offer - from the beautiful ivy-covered Princeton campus to the old-school charm and swank of Atlantic City's boardwalk, you'll want to read New Jersey monthly from cover to cover. It features fascinating people, breathtaking places, must-attend events, lifestyle, fashion, and home and gardens in New Jersey. A must for Jersey lovers!...learn more

» Louisiana Cookin' - The only magazine devoted solely to Louisiana's love of good food. We search out truly local cooking traditions and present them in a fun, informative and colorful style, along with the recipes that make food an everyday affair in Louisiana....learn more

» Missouri Game & Fish - Tap into the uncharted territory and wild waters that make up the great outdoors in Missouri with Missouri Game & Fish magazine. Whether it's a future hunting trip or the need to explore new hot spots for fishing, Missouri Game & Fish comes armed with great travel and vacation tips, hotel and camping site reviews and interesting feature articles that help you get the most from your Missouri experience!...learn more

» Michigan Sportsman - Looking for a new fishing hole? How about a different place to hunt? Michigan Sportsman is dedicated to the state's entire outdoor gaming experience. Insightful travel and vacation guides, equipment reviews and profiles of local outdoor enthusiasts make this a must-read for both the native resident and the avid tourist. Don't go on your next outdoor adventure without the help of the Michigan Sportsman!...learn more

» Virginia Game & Fish - The Old Dominion offers a paradise for hunters and fishermen , and Virginia Game & Fish takes you there in every issue. Inside, you'll find detailed descriptions of the best hunting and fishing sites--from the oceans to the Blue Ridge Mountains and every beautiful spot in between. Plus, the equipment and gear you'll need for a successful trip. ...learn more

» California Game & Fish - No state in America offers as much natural beauty and gaming opportunity as California, and if you are an outdoor enthusiast, then California Game & Fish is the perfect magazine. Each issue details the best places to hunt and fish throughout the state, plus in-depth features on equipment and personalities that make reading both informative and interesting....learn more

» In Britain - The official magazine of the British Tourist Authority....learn more

» Ohio Game & Fish - Planing your next hunting trip or fishing adventure in the great state of Ohio? Turn to Ohio Game & Fish for all your hunting and fishing information as it pertains to Ohio. Detailed travel and vacation guides, profiles and reports of local and regional hunters and anglers and full color photography make Ohio Game & Fish an invaluable tool for both the tourist and native from the Buckeye State....learn more

» Western Outdoors - WESTERN OUTDOORS is the magazine of western sportfishing. Articles and columns focus on the techniques and tackle, methods and strategies for fishing the lakes, streams, bays, inshore and offshore waters of the Far West and Baja California....learn more

» Arkansas Sportsman - A publication that would make Bill Clinton jump up and yell "Soui!" Arkansas Sportsman is dedicated to the total recreational experience the state has to offer. Detailed articles and sharp photography highlight regional areas featuring the best hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities for the naturalist at heart....learn more

» Florida Game & Fish - The fishing and hunting in Florida is some of the best n America. Florida Game and Fish magazine is the perfect guide to help you plan your outdoor activities in the Sunshine State. Travel reviews, tips on planning a vacation and articles about hunting and fishing techniques make for a great reading companion....learn more

» North Carolina Game & Fish - The wonders of the south Atlantic come alive for the hunting and fishing enthusiasts in the pages of North Carolina Game & Fish. Every issue takes you inside this unique environment to detail the best locales, wildlife profiles, maps and guides, plus the equipment and gear you need to make your outing as rewarding as possible. If you like to hunt and fish in North Carolina, at last there is a magazine just for you!...learn more

» Atlanta Magazine - Georgia is more than delicious peach pie and the winning Braves! Atlanta Magazine is a publication which will have you on the phone with your travel agent booking a plane ticket to this booming city. You'll want to save each informative issue including useful guides to shopping, hot spot dining, cultural arts, sports & entertainment....learn more

» Indianapolis Monthly - Indianapolis residents turn to this ultimate guide to the arts, fine dining, interior decorating, education and travel in the area. Indianapolis Monthly attracts and enlightens its upscale, well-educated readership with bright, lively editorial on subjects ranging from personalities to social issues, fashion to food. ...learn more

» Iowa Game & Fish - Month after glorious month, Iowa Game & Fish provides active sportsmen and sporting enthusiast with in-depth, can't get it any place else, current information about the where to, when to , and how to of hunting and fishing in Iowa. Also includes useful information on important environmental and conservation issues. If you like to hunt and fish in Iowa, at last there is a magazine just for you! If you like to hunt and fish in Iowa, at last there is a magazine just for you!...learn more

» Tennessee Sportsman - Those who love Tennessee know that the state has been blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Tennessee Sportsman puts it all in your hands, with reports on the best hunting and fishing sites, seasonal events and attractions, the latest on state legislation and legal actions, as well as reviews of the best equipment for your adventures. ...learn more

» Louisiana Game & Fish - For the most complete guide to the rich outdoor gaming life in Louisiana, look no further than Louisiana Game and Fish magazine. Each issue comes complete with articles that guide you and your passions in the right directions: where to go and stay, the prime fishing and hunting spots throughout the state, equipment reviews and instructionals from experts and fellow gaming enthusiasts. No Louisiana hunter or fisher should be without this publication....learn more

» Cleveland - Discover Cleveland! Events, dining, business & local news. Subscription includes annual city guide!...learn more

» Illinois Game & Fish - Illinois Game & Fish is the top publication dealing with the outdoor life of Illinois. From the top hunting and camping spots to the best lakes and rivers for fishing, Illinois Game & Fish provides you with the best information that will help you plan your next outdoor adventure. Travel and vacation guides, personal profiles of outdoor enthusiasts and crisp photography fill each page of this publication. Don't plan your next trip to Illinois without it!...learn more

» Oklahoma Game & Fish - When you think of Oklahoma, you probably picture Saturday afternoon football games and rounding up cattle. But there is more to the Sooner State than just football and cowboys. Oklahoma offers exciting hunting and fishing opportunities and Oklahoma Game & Fish is the magazine dedicated to the state's outdoor adventures. Each full color issue gives readers helpful and practical information about hunting and fishing spots, vacation ideas and tips to make your Oklahoma experience the best it can...learn more

» Mountain Living - Mountain Living celebrates a unique lifestyle that can only be experienced in the mountains! You'll love this publication as you read about everything from cozy, warm cabins to fantastic and spacious mountain mansions. You'll pick up great gardening tips, wonderful landscaping ideas, recreational summit sports, breathtaking high country travel and much more!...learn more

» Indiana Game & Fish - If you thought that Indiana's only recreational activity was basketball... You were wrong! Indiana Game & Fish is the magazine that shows you the Hoosier State's outdoor opportunities. Each full color issue features travel and vacation guides, detailed listing of the state's top hunting and fishing sports, breathtaking photography and personal profiles of local outdoor enthusiasts. Don't plan your next Indiana adventure without picking up Indiana Game & Fish. ...learn more

» Hudson Valley - Arts, culture, dining, history, people in the Hudson Valley region....learn more

» Cincinnati - Stay on top of all the important people, places, events, and issues. Plus, look for tips on the best in arts, dining and entertainment....learn more

» Washington/Oregon Game & Fish - The wonders of the north Pacific come alive for the hunting and fishing enthusiasts in the pages of Washington/Oregon Game & Fish. Every issue takes you inside this unique environment to detail the best locales, wildlife profiles, maps and guides, plus the equipment and gear you need to make your outing as rewarding as possible. ...learn more

» West Virginia Game & Fish - The state is widely considered the best hunting and fishing area in the east, and now, in West Virginia Game & Fish, the sports come alive. Topics include the best sites for successful expeditions, license requirements and options, seasonal events and happenings, maps and tours, plus first-hand accounts from the pros. A complete guide to this wild world....learn more

» Log & Timber Style - Features architectural design, custom home builders, interior design, landscape architects, log home builders, timber frame builders, gifts, accessories, linens, pool tables, upholstery, fireplaces, heating, hardware, lighting, and much more....learn more

» Wisconsin Outdoor Journal - The resource for the Wisconsin outdoor enthusiasts. Every issue of Wisconsin Outdoor Journal offers information on hunting, fishing, camping and the sporting life in the state of Wisconsin. The editorial includes a focus on natural resource management, natural history, news and legislation, and where-to information on hunting and fishing....learn more

» Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles - Atlanta's only home & lifestyles magazine focusing on interiors, gardens, entertaining, wine, food & travel....learn more

» Delaware Today - Delaware Today is the First State's first choice for informative articles about the people, places and issues that make Delaware so special. Every issue celebrates Delaware, with an emphasis on Greater Wilmington. Each issue features a comprehensive calendar of events and restaurant reviews to make your mouth water. ...learn more

» Columbia Journalism Review - The watchdog for the watchdogs, the Columbia Journalism Review is the top industry magazine about the integrity and craft of professional journalism. First-rate writing from both academic scholars and members of the media, CJR provides fascinating insight into technical and ethical questions that face the ever-changing world of journalism....learn more

» Seattle Homes & Lifestyles - Design trends, architecture, landscaping, and more--if you're looking for construction and decorating ideas, you'll find lots of stylish suggestions in Seattle Homes & Lifestyles. Each issue is packed with gorgeous full-color photos and all the information you need to make your Northwest house a beautiful home....learn more

» Great Plains Game & Fish - For the most in-depth coverage of the gaming and outdoor scene in America's great plains, subscribe to Great Plains Game & Fish. Planning a hunting expedition in Kansas? Maybe you need to find a new fishing hole in the Dakotas? Each issue will give your helpful travel ideas, plus reviews of new equipment, profiles of fellow outdoorsmen and expert advice on hunting and fishing techniques from gaming experts. A great resource for both natives and tourists alike,...learn more

» Rocky Mountain Game & Fish - From the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains comes a magazine that is sure to engage anyone who loves the outdoor life of hunting and fishing. With each issue of Rocky Mountain Game & Fish you are given a glimpse into the vast opportunities the Mountains offer in terms of great spots for hunting and plentiful water for fishing. Informative travel and vacation guides and profiles of top local gamesmen, in addition to beautiful photography....learn more

» New England Game & Fish - Do you long for the open streams in Maine? Fantasize about taking time off to spend in the wide open woods of New Hampshire for some good ole gaming? Learn about the best places to hunt and fish for leisure and sport in New England. If this is your cup of tea, at last there is a magazine just for you!...learn more

» Orlando Magazine - Orlando is the must read city magazine for Orlando and the surrounding area. Through insightful and entertaining stories, it provides local information to its readers about the people, issues and businesses that impact their lives. ...learn more

» Main Line Today - There's more to Philly than the Liberty Bell and cheesesteaks! Find out just what the Main Line suburbs have to offer in Main Line Today, a monthly publication that focuses on the people, places & issues that make the Main Line and western suburbs so special and the close-knit community that it is....learn more

» New Jersey Life - New Jersey Life celebrates the best of the Garden State. With beautiful photography and compelling articles, the magazine highlights the state's hottest restaurants, the chicest places to shop, its most intriguing personalities and great things to do and ...learn more

» D Magazine - Whether you live in Dallas or just do business there, D is the magazine of record in the Dallas area, and it has been since 1975. Along with personality profiles and interviews, you'll find can't-miss articles on business, the arts, sports, politics and design, as well as those all-important restaurant listings to help you get the most out of the "Big D." ...learn more

» St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles - The only magazine dedicated to the cosmopolitan St. Louis experience, St. Louis Homes & Lifestyles provides you with the compete coverage of all that makes St. Louis one of the top cities in the midwest. Each issue features articles about the homes, gardens, entertainment, dining and cultural events that shape the Gateway City....learn more

» Mid-Atlantic Game & Fish - From New Jersey to Maryland, Mid-Atlantic Game and Fish is your complete guide of outdoor gaming in the Mid-Atlantic states. Expert analysis of where to hunt and where to fish, plus great looks at resorts and travel destinations, reviews of the newest equipment and instructionals from fellow hunters and anglers, this is the magazine that keeps you on top of your game. ...learn more

» New York Observer - The nation's most influential weekly newspaper, The New York Observer, provides a witty insightful guide to the New York City and environs. ...learn more

» Spotlight - ...learn more

» Scene Magazine - Look to Scene Magazine for the most in-depth coverage of the art's, cultural, social, and charitable events on Florida's Southwest coast....learn more

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