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Featured News Magazines...

Sports Illustrated
America's premier source for sports....

56 issues
Cover Price: $223.44
Our Price: $38.95
82% Savings

America's well-regarded newsmagazine is savvy, incisive, and scintillating. With its comprehensive coverage of national ...

53 issues
Cover Price: $205.64
Our Price: $25.00
88% Savings

America's No.1 magazine on fascinating people. The editorial focus of this magazine is on the compelling personalities ...

52 issues
Cover Price: $171.08
Our Price: $114.00
33% Savings

Wall Street Journal
The Wall Street Journal has no equal providing the daily news of the business world essential to investors and traders. ...

127 issues
Cover Price: $127.00
Our Price: $215.00
30% Savings

ESPN The Magazine
Coming to you bi-weekly, ESPN The Magazine is a sports magazine with a real difference. Featuring player profiles, cutti...

26 issues
Cover Price: $103.74
Our Price: $14.97
85% Savings

If your kids love the Nickelodeon cable TV network's fun-filled programs like Doug, CatDog and Blue's Clues, they'll lov...

10 issues
Cover Price: $35.00
Our Price: $19.97
43% Savings

TIME gives you more than just a weekly news summary. TIME provides insightful analysis of today's important events and w...

56 issues
Cover Price: $221.20
Our Price: $38.95
82% Savings

Reader's Digest - Large Print Edition
Reader's Digest is America's Most Popular magazine, with over 50 million readers. Each issue is packed with easy-to-read...

12 issues
Cover Price: $30.00
Our Price: $29.98
0% Savings

Reader's Digest
Reader's Digest is America's most popular magazine, with over 50 million readers. Each issue is packed with easy-to-read...

12 issues
Cover Price: $35.88
Our Price: $14.98
58% Savings

The #1 teen celebrity magazine....

10 issues
Cover Price: $35.90
Our Price: $14.97
58% Savings

More News Magazines...

» US Weekly - What's happening in Hollywood . . . and who's making it happen? US Magazine delivers for the stargazer in you, with a revealing, insider's look at all the trends and personalities important to the entertainment industry. Each issue--full of insightful profiles & provocative photography--features interviews with actors and musicians, entertainment reviews, and special fashion sections. ...learn more

» Smithsonian - World renowned for its unparalleled coverage of nature history, science and the arts, Smithsonian Magazine explores lifestyles, cultures, people, technology, music and Americana for an inquisitive and educated readership. Published by the Smithsonian Institution, this magazine also includes photo essays and in-depth articles highlighting current Smithsonian museum exhibits....learn more

» Money - America's personal finance advisor all orders for money include "Peak Earning Years" bonus section....learn more

» Vibe - VIBE covers the TRENDS, the EVENTS, and CULTURE of the URBAN SCENE. From FILM, FASHION and ART to POLITICS and MUSIC-POP, JAZZ, R&B, DANCE, HIP HOP, RAP, HOUSE and more. VIBE, SMART, PROVOCATIVE and EXCITING. There's nothing to lose. So don't wait-subscri...learn more

» Vanity Fair - This upscale publication attracts a dual audience with it's monthly themed issues. Most notable is the beauty and style of of Vanity Fair attracting both urban and suburban socialites and aspirationals. When you pick up an issue of Vanity Fair, you always know you'll be satisfied with it's in-depth investigative journalism and thoughtful and thought provoking articles and features. ...learn more

» U.S. News & World Report - For top-notch reportage and incisive analysis of national and world events, look no further than the pages of this weekly magazine. U.S. News & World Report covers government, business, industry, technology, labor, national defense, international relations, science, religion and cultural trends with immediacy, depth and clarity....learn more

» Soap Opera Digest - Do you want to keep up with the daily soaps even if you can't always watch them? Soap Opera Digest comes to the rescue. Plot and character synopses of every daytime and prime time serials let you keep abreast of the goings-on at General Hospital and elsewhere. Issues also feature late-breaking news, interviews, story previews and event coverage....learn more

» Prevention - The world's most popular health magazine--12 million readers--every month! It shows you the very latest and best ways to lose weight, improve nutrition, prevent illness and enjoy life more!...learn more

» Rolling Stone - Renowned, revered and immortalized in song, Rolling Stone has been synonymous with rock 'n' roll since it began as a San Francisco music newspaper more than 30 years ago. Today, it has evolved into a slick pop culture bible and definitive source for everything in entertainment, from music, film, television and books, to politics, social issues and pop culture. ...learn more

» Business Week - Business Week, America's leading business news magazine, makes the world of business intriguing by identifying and analyzing pivotal events, hot trends and compelling personalities. This insightful weekly magazine edifies complicated issues and conveys a sense of excitement while telling readers what they need to know - often before they need to know it....learn more

» Harper's - An award-winning journal of opinion and thought, edited to speak to readers looking for perspectives not generally found in mainstream media. Harper's balances coverage of political, social, economic and cultural themes with essays and fiction by distingu...learn more

» Entrepreneur - Learn about innovative ways to improve your business operations. Get tips on how to boost your business profits. From partnerships to independent start-ups, Entrepreneur is for you if you're a small business owner seeking to expand your business. This magazine includes articles on how to run a business, the psychological aspects of heading up your own company, profiles of stellar entrepreneurs and trends that affect small business....learn more

» Entertainment Weekly - Only national magazine providing weekly coverage of all the popular arts....learn more

» ABC Soaps In Depth - In-depth coverage of only the ABC soaps....learn more

» Nick Jr - Play to learn projects, activities, and stories for kids ages 2-6 and their parents....learn more

» Soap Opera Weekly - Who's getting married, divorced, having a baby, cheating, backstabbing or otherwise plotting--on screen or off? Here's how to find out. Providing a regular infusion of soapy scoops, Soap Opera Weekly is for people who are passionate about their soaps. Each issue is packed with page after page of full color photos, tasty gossip, summaries of the recent shows and storyline predictions. ...learn more

» The Weekly Standard - A comprehensive journal of politics and opinions with diverse commentary on the cultural and social issues shaping the future of the country. Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes head this talented "think-tank" team of staff and contributing writers....learn more

» Guitar Player - Whether you're an independent carving out a creative niche or an old hand strumming a familiar tune, if you're serious about guitar playing, Guitar Player is for you. This magazine provides guitar players with information about gear, artists and music to make them better players and more enlightened music listeners....learn more

» Fortune - Business news and personal investing....learn more

» CBS Soaps In Depth - In-depth coverage of only the CBS soaps....learn more

» Sporting News - For the true sports fan and enthusiast, The Sporting News is the top weekly sports publication. No other magazine can compare to its detailed coverage of all professional sports. Insightful columns from America's top sports journalists, team-by-team reports from all the major professional league, plus the most up-to-date statistical information and analysis make The Sporting news an absolute champion among contenders....learn more

» PC World - The computer industry is always in a constant state of change. That's why as a PC user needs the most up-to-date information to stay in touch with the times. PC World is the number one monthly PC publication. Each issue features award-winning articles, PC reviews and ranking, pricing guides, how-to instructionals and technical advice. Expert analysis from computer experts make this a must-read for all serious PC users....learn more

» Barron's - The indispensable guide to what's happening on Wall Street and all the International Markets : Who won, who will win, what happened and what's to come. Long relied on by armchair investors and professional traders alike. Available in the Continental U.S. only....learn more

» The National Enquirer - The National Enquirer features exclusive, in-depth coverage and photos of late breaking news and events and goes behind the scenes to uncover what Enquiring Minds really want to know. Each issue covers star and famous personalities plus human interest stories....learn more

» Kiplinger's Personal Finance - Founded in 1947, this first magazine in the personal-finance field offers down-to-earth help to better manage your personal and family financial affairs, and get more for your money. You get practical advice and guidance on saving, investing, taxes, major purchases and much more....learn more

» Games - Whether you are a crossword expert or pride yourself on your knowledge of all that is trivial, Games magazine is what your brain desires. The magazine for intelligent minds at play, Games lets you match wits with our puzzle masters. Each issue is loaded with crosswords, logic puzzles, prize filled contests, trivia and word games designed to push your intellect and thought process to the limit....learn more

» World War II - If you're intrigued bv every aspect of the second world war, then you'll want to look at World War II Magazine. This publication includes in-depth articles about all facets of the conflict, from military strategies to espionage to weaponry to personalities....learn more

» Guideposts - A practical guide to successful living....learn more

» Forbes - Top business and finance executives regularly turn to Forbes, the premier magazine of the business world. This magazine offers in-depth analysis and coverage of issues, trends and people that set the world's business agenda. ...learn more

» Harvard Business Review - Management thought and practice find a voice in the Harvard Business Review, the premier forum of the business world written by authorities in business and business education. This publication offers discussion and debate on national and international issues. You'll have a chance to compare your techniques and experiences to the most thought-provoking ideas on managerial excellence from the most accomplished managers in the business....learn more

» Electronic Gaming Monthly - Stay ahead of the competition with a subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly. Every issue offers both the beginner and expert the latest news, game reviews, and tips about the most exciting new games. Hot brands featured include: Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Saturn, SuperNES, Genesis, GameBoy, Game Gear, Jaguar and Neo-Geo video game systems....learn more

» GamePro - Get with the game and take a look at GamePro, the number one multi-platform gaming magazine. Covering all home video game systems-Nintendo 64, PlayStation, and Saturn, plus PC games, online gaming, arcade action and handheld games. Loaded with informative reviews, previews, and top-secret game tips, tricks, and secret codes to master the games you so thoroughly enjoy....learn more

» People En Espanol - "La nueva revista para Latinos"...learn more

» Utne Reader - A digest of articles reprinted from more than 2,000 alternative and independent media sources, Utne Reader offers an interesting array of perspectives on social, environmental and political issues. Features, original essays and humor pieces explore a variety of topics, including gender, lifestyles, changing society and community affairs....learn more

» Quilter's Newsletter Magazine - Every issue features news from the quilting world how-to information, profiles of active quiltmakers, informative reviews of products and trends, photographs of readers' quilts with their stories, detailed historical perspectives, and patterns, patterns, ...learn more

» SmartMoney - Looking to increase your wealth and plan for the future? SmartMoney, published monthly by the Wall Street Journal, is your key towards unlocking the full potential of your investments and financial planning. Expert analysis from top journalists and business professionals give you a leg-up on the tough competition, better positioning you for the times ahead....learn more

» Bass Player - Whether you are a professional bass player looking for some fine tuning or a beginner wanting some expert instruction, Bass Player magazine puts you in touch with the best in the business. The leading magazine for electric and acoustic bassists Bass Player gives you solid advice and lessons from the top artists, reviews of the latest basses and related gear and profiles of the leading professionals and teachers. Fret not and subscribe today....learn more

» Details - A daring, distinctive magazine for men who are passionate about adventure, style, music, fashion, sports, politics, humor and pop culture. Each issue will satisfy all your passions....learn more

» Financial Times - The leading newspaper of international business, finance, politics, and economics. Covers events shaping the global economy....learn more

» National Catholic Register - The National Catholic Register presents compelling, intriguing and time-sensitive coverage of spirituality, politics, news and culture. All stories are approached from a Catholic point of view....learn more

» Alternative Press - If you're a hip young adult, this is the magazine for you. Alternative Press is the youth guide to getting in tune with new music, new films, new styles and new trends. This cool magazine piques readers and captures new fans with its controversial, entertaining and educatinal stories....learn more

» Atlantic Monthly - Voted "most insightful, thought-provoking magazine" by the readers of American Journalism Review, The Atlantic Monthly is a consistent leader in the publication of intelligent ideas. Subscribe and get award-winning insight on the important issues that shape your world, plus the best in food, travel, fiction, poetry and the arts.....learn more

» Christianity Today - If you're serious about bringing faith into your everyday life, Christianity Today offers hard-hitting news, issues of importance to Christian communities around the world and commentary from a Christian perspective. ...learn more

» Country Weekly - If you're a serious country music fan, Country Weekly is the magazine for you. You'll find the latest in tours, music and video news, as well as interviews, features and photos of your favorite country music stars in each issue....learn more

» Mix - As a music professional, you need the latest news on industry business and technology, which is why Mix is the magazine you need to stay ahead. Mix is the world's leading magazine for the professional recording and sound production industry. Mix covers applications, industry news, and product information, in addition to equipment reviews and analysis from leading industry professionals.....learn more

» Engineering News Record - (new subscribers only) Provides technical news needed by anyone in or from the construction industry. We give readers the weekly news and analysis they need to make decisions in their work, covering all sectors of the industry from buildings to highways t...learn more

» Premiere - Want a front row seat to Hollywood without leaving your living room? Premiere is your ticket. Jam-packed with the latest movie news, reviews and previews, celebrity interviews and inside stories about the business of moviemaking, Premiere is the film lover's must-have Hollywood connection. Each issue features incisive commentary, from-the-set reports, thought-provoking profiles and a handy guide to films on video....learn more

» Spin - A music magazine for a young, forward-thinking audience, Spin also covers film, fashion, art and politics with a fresh slant and irreverent attitude. Columns bring a similar sensibility to reviews of CDs, videos, movies and consumer electronics. ...learn more

» Arthritis Today - Next to your physician, Arthritis Today magazine is your most reliable source of arthritis information. Published six times a year by the Arthritis Foundation, Arthritis Today brings you important information on a variety of topics, including the latest news about arthritis research....learn more

» Washington Post National - Even if you live outside the Beltway, you can benefit from the coverage provided by one of the country's most prestigious, respected newspapers each week. The Washington Post National collects the best of the newspaper's daily news and commentary in an easy-to-manage digest. Story highlights, crucial issues, entertaining articles and incisive commentary make this magazine compelling reading....learn more

» Home Theater - Do you know the difference between THX Ultra and select? If you don't, then this magazine can help you find out. If you do, then you'll enjoy the exclusive interviews and in-depth discussions this magazine has to offer. Home Theater keep consumers' budgets in mind when previewing and testing the latest technologies. In the milieu of sales pitches and marketing promises, this magazine brings you the truth about electronic products. ...learn more

» Satellite Direct - What to get the most out of your DIRECTV and USSB package? Subscribe to Satellite Direct and get the dish on what your dish can offer! Since 1994, Satellite Direct has been the consumer's guide to DIRECTV and USSB programming. Whether you are a movie buff who needs to know when the next screening of "Casablanca" will air, or a sports fanatic with a passion for international events, Satellite Direct unlocks the door to a world of new program viewing opportunities....learn more

» National Review - William F. Buckley's political magazine presents commentary, news and essays from a decidedly right-leaning viewpoint. Buckley's conservative publication has garnered considerable attention for its controversial, but insightful articles. ...learn more

» Black Issues Book Review - "One of the 10 best magazines in 1998." So Library Journal praised Black Issues Book Review Guide, which publishes fiction and non-fiction from and about people of African descent. This magazine features provocative reviews, author interviews and profiles, as well as popular fiction and non-fiction lists....learn more

» Saturday Evening Post - As American as the Norman Rockwell paintings that graced its covers and pages for generations, the Saturday Evening Post has been synonymous with family reading for generations, providing informative, fun articles on a variety of topics such as human interest, health, fitness, nutrition, preventive medicine and travel. Each issue regularly features interviews and profiles, humor pieces and well-written short stories....learn more

» Blender - Blender reflects the eclectic musical tastes of today's twenty-somethings all produced in the smart edgy style of Dennis Publishing....learn more

» Globe - Covers the latest celebrity news from Hollywood to Buckingham Palace. Features include horoscopes, puzzles, advice and celebrity fashions....learn more

» Turtle - This award-winning children's magazine includes stories, puzzles, art, science experiments, Q & As, hidden pictures, and other interactive features that will inspire preschoolers and bring them hours of educational enjoyment. Turtle teaches kids about health, safety and nutrition while entertaining them....learn more

» Fast Company - Catch up with the groundbreaking pacesetters and innovative ideas that make the business world take off. Learn what makes businesses succeed. Find out how the best are thriving and how you can too. Fast Company is not your average conservative business magazine - it's business with an edge. ...learn more

» Inc. - As an entrepreneur, you need to be armed with information that will help your company grow and succeed in today's competitive business environment. That's where Inc. comes in. Inc. is the magazine that provides practical strategies for your growing company. Top advice from today's industry leaders, detailed profiles of up-and-coming forces in the marketplace and sound guidance give readers the boost they need to stay ahead and remain in control of their financial future....learn more

» Computer Gaming World - Computer Gaming World is the bible for the serious computer game player. This magazine is packed with in-depth reviews of new releases, sneak previews of upcoming games, the latest on new platforms and technologies, and the all-important strategy secrets for winning. No wonder it's America's top computer gaming magazine....learn more

» Weekly World News - Takes journals to the edge-and beyond! Each issue covers stories that other newspapers are afraid to touch....learn more

» XXL Magazine - XXL is an urban lifestyle magazine that covers all aspects of hip-hop culture. As THE new voice of the Hip-Hop Generation, XXl focuses on music, style, sports, and politics with inteligence, sophistication, integrity and, most of all, respect....learn more

» Interview - Founded over 25 years ago by pop art pioneer Andy Warhol, Interview remains true to his innovative legacy, offering a perspective like no other. Presenting candid conversations between the pop icons of both today and tomorrow, Interview provides a perspective on the people who make pop culture what it is. ...learn more

» Quality Number Fill-Ins - Here's a fun way to crunch numbers. Each edition of this puzzle collection will keep you entertained for hours....learn more

» Variety - Variety is the bible of the showbiz industry. Whether it's film or television, music or radio, interactive media or publishing, Variety delivers unparalleled insight into the fast aced world of entertainment....learn more

» Funny Times - The best way to combat the trials and tribulations of every day life is to laugh. And there is a definite lack of funny out there. That's why you and your sanity need Funny Times, the monthly humor newspaper featuring the best of recent cartoons and humor pieces selected from the national print media on politics and culture. Learn to laugh at the world again, or keep on laughing with the help of this comic collection. Don't be so serious and read Funny Times....learn more

» Humpty Dumpty's - This award-winning publication emphasizes basic learning with stories, poems, games and puzzles that help your four-to-six-year-old develop into a well-rounded child. Humpty Dumpty's Magazine teaches basic learning with stories, poems, games, puzzles and cartoons....learn more

» New Republic - Do you love a good meaty read? Tired of the same old media for current events and what's happening in politics? The New Republic is the leading journal of politics, current events, and the arts. In this lively journal, you'll read about widespread opinion and culture in the country....learn more

» The Week - THE WEEK is a spirited newsweekly that distills the best of news, opinions, and ideas from the U.S. and international media. THE WEEK's format is straightforward yet information packed. It's focus is broad: news, health, books, film, the arts and more, covering the entire political waterfront....learn more

» Kiplinger Tax Letter - For non-tax experts who need to know the tax consequences of their business and investment decisions....learn more

» Stereophile - Founded in 1962, Stereophile is the oldest and largest U.S. publication dedicated to high-performance audio components. Each issue features reports and reviews on audio components, and advice on system installation and use in the home. If you're a high-fidelity stereo perfectionist, Stereophile is for you....learn more

» World Of Puzzles - If you enjoy stretching your imagination and coming up with the right words to the right box, then the popular World of Puzzles is for you....learn more

» National Examiner - Features stories about everything from the stars to personal human-interest stories. Also features what the stars are wearing, local buzz, and a weekly crossword puzzle....learn more

» AKC Gazette - The official journal for the Sport of Purebred Dogs!...learn more

» Coach & Athletic Director - Coach and Athletic Director is dedicated to the invaluable high school and college team leaders. Each issue is jam-packed with coaching tips for all men's and women's sports, up-close interviews with prominent sports figures, and coverage of all phases of a successful program. Also includes useful and exclusive coach buyer's guides....learn more

» New York Times Upfront - The news magazine for teens!...learn more

» FILMMAKER - FILMMAKER presents an insider's perspective on the world of independent filmmaking. Since 1992, FILMMAKER has documented the phenomenal growth of independent filmmaking. The magazines in-depth interviews with leading independent filmmakers make FILMMAKER an indispensible industry....learn more

» Daily Variety - Variety is the bible of the showbiz industry. Whether it's film or television, music or radio, interactive media or publishing, Variety delivers unparalleled insight into the fast paced world of entertainment....learn more

» Kiplinger's Washington Letter - Kiplinger's is a name you can count on. Kiplinger's Washington Letter delivers insightful, to-the-point forecasts on business and economic trends. Essentially, you'll get insights that you can use to your profit....learn more

» Mira! - Features exclusive interviews and all the best latest news on your favorite Latin stars....learn more

» Furia Musical - ...learn more

» The Hollywood Reporter (Daily) - Has been the trade publication of choice for industry professionals of all kinds for over 70 years. From movies to TV, home video to ditigal media, nobody takes you further inside Hollywood's back lots and boardrooms. There's no business like show business, and The Hollywood Reporter shows you why!...learn more

» JAZZIZ - Designed to attract an audience that may not typically subscribe to a music magazine with its monthly companion CD, graphics, and photography, and life-style oriented coverage. By design, JAZZIZ attracts the novice listener with its unintimidating, stylis...learn more

» NewsMax Magazine - The one publication in America breaking news the liberal media gatekeepers can't censor-NewsMax Magazine. Read Christopher Ruddy's hard-hitting investigative reports, with special commentaries from Fox News Bill O'Reilly, Carl Limbacher Jr., David Limbaugh, as well as many others....learn more

» Sun - Features stories you will not find in any other publication. Each issue delivers amazing stories about ordinary people, as well as predictions for the future....learn more

» Kiplinger's Retirement - You know you have a wellspring of solid financial information when the Kiplinger people publish a newsletter. Kiplinger's Retirement Report, published by Kiplinger Washington Editors, Inc., offers valuable information for retired and soon-to-be-retired persons. In this newsletter, you'll get guidance that helps you plan better and retire wealthy. ...learn more

» Cinescape - Any fan of action entertainment needs Cinescape, the award-winning action/adventure/sci-fi magazine that's filled with the latest news, reviews and previews on your favorite action movies, TV shows and new media products. You'll also get behind-the-scenes updates on plots and casting, as well as interviews with directors, stars and special effects wizards who make it all happen. ...learn more

» The American Prospect - A magazine of issues and ideas, news and views, intelligence and inspiration for thoughtful readers across the nation....learn more

» Strand - The Strand is a publication dedicated to publishing finest mystery fiction, interviews, articles, and book reviews. The strand has published fiction by award-winning writers such as H.R.F. Keating, Sir John Mortimer, Peter Lovesey, Henry Slesar and Bill P...learn more

» Consumer Guide - Consumer Guide has been providing very important buying information to the public for over 30 years. Whether new or used cars, computers, consumer electronics or home goods, if a product is included in an issue, consumers know it's worth consideration. Each trustworthy issue includes reviews, retail prices and low prices to follow as guides....learn more

» London Review of Books - The London Review of Books is dedicated to carrying on the tradition of the English essay. In this respect, it's not that different from one of the great 19th-century periodicals. This fascinating tabloid presents challenging and original essays discussing books, issues and ideas from England. The London Review of Books gives its contributors the space and freedom to develop ideas at length and in depth. Leading writers, critics and thinkers are regular contributors to the London Review of Books...learn more

» NBA Inside Stuff - NBA Inside Stuff Magazine, an official publication of the NBA, offers readers an all-access pass to the NBA that most fans and magazines aren't privy to. From the locker rooms to the vacation hotspots to the Laker's team huddle, the IS reader gets an exclusive, behind the scenes look at NBA action....learn more

» The Hollywood Reporter Int'l Weekly - Has been the trade publication of choice for industry professionals of all kinds for over 70 years. From movies to TV, home video to ditigal media, nobody takes you further inside Hollywood's back lots and boardrooms. There's no business like show business, and The Hollywood Reporter shows you why!...learn more

» Bank Systems & Technology - Back Systems & Technology focuses on today's banking world in which the integration of technology is the driving force behind product development and business growth. This monthly publication will keep your management on the cutting edge of the new economy. ...learn more

» New York Observer - The nation's most influential weekly newspaper, The New York Observer, provides a witty insightful guide to the New York City and environs. ...learn more

» AudioFile-The Audiobook Review - Audiobooks are a hit these days, especially with commuters. If you're one of those regular audiobook listeners, you'll want to turn to AudioFile, the only magazine devoted to audiobooks. Each issue brings you more than 100 reviews of new audiobooks, a list of new releases, interviews with authors and narrators and the latest in industry news. ...learn more

» Caustic Truths - Caustic Truths is a music magazine covering the underground that includes the genres of punk, hardcore, garage, and other "noizy" formats. Founded in 1992, the magazine not only focuses on musical features but also includes political, educating, and personal articles that adds a unique dynamic....learn more

» Stage Directions - Stage Directions is the magazine that stage managers, lighting technicians, directors and designers--and those who aspire to these positions--turn to for solutions to their theatrical problems. Each issue contains information that will help make your next production smarter, more seamless, and more successful....learn more

» Upscale - A magazine for sophisticated and successful African-Americans, Upscale celebrates black culture while informing and entertaining its readers with compelling profiles and articles about travel, health and fitness, beauty and fashion, business, relationships, and more. ...learn more

» Batanga - Batanga delivers the hottest news in Latin music and entertainment including Latin Pop, Rock en Espanol, Regional Mexicana, Salsa and Jazz. Each issue features culture, style, trends and technology, as well as reviews of the hottest new Latin CD & DVD releases. Batanga is a bi-lingual publication....learn more

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