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Science & Nature Magazine Subscriptions

Featured Science & Nature Magazines...

Scientific American
Scientific American is a surprising, dynamic magazine where working scientists and Nobel laureates present the remarkabl...

12 issues
Cover Price: $59.40
Our Price: $24.97
58% Savings

Your Big Backyard
This award-winning magazine from the National Wildlife Federation nurtures young children's natural attraction to animal...

12 issues
Cover Price: $24.00
Our Price: $19.95
17% Savings

World renowned for its unparalleled coverage of nature history, science and the arts, Smithsonian Magazine explores life...

12 issues
Cover Price: $48.00
Our Price: $12.00
75% Savings

Ranger Rick
The award-winning magazine from the National Wildlife Federation makes learning about the natural world WILD FUN! Each i...

12 issues
Cover Price: $27.00
Our Price: $19.95
26% Savings

Popular Mechanics
Let's be honest. You pride yourself on being a jack-of-all-trades, but when it comes to those tough fix-it projects, you...

12 issues
Cover Price: $42.00
Our Price: $12.00
71% Savings

National Geographic Kids
Award winning magazine that combines learning with fun. Exciting articles on wildlife, earth, sea, and sky; plus challen...

10 issues
Cover Price: $39.50
Our Price: $19.95
49% Savings

Maximum PC
Are you techno savvy? Looking to make improvements to your PC? Or just trying to keep up with the latest in home computi...

12 issues
Cover Price: $47.88
Our Price: $12.00
75% Savings

Bird Talk
If you want to walk the bird walk, then you better talk the Bird Talk, the magazine that provides both new and experien...

12 issues
Cover Price: $54.00
Our Price: $13.99
74% Savings

Popular Science
For the very definition of what's new and cutting edge, look no further than Popular Science. Covering the latest develo...

12 issues
Cover Price: $47.88
Our Price: $14.97
69% Savings

For the most in-depth and interesting coverage of freshwater fishing, reel in a subscription to In-Fisherman. Every issu...

8 issues
Cover Price: $31.92
Our Price: $10.00
69% Savings

More Science & Nature Magazines...

» Outdoor Photographer - At last there is a photography magazine by the experts for both the professional and the amateur photographer. Written by the world's leading landscape, wildlife, sports, and travel photographers Outdoor Photographer is an industry leader. Every issue features advice that you will use to improve your photography, evaluations of the latest equipment, and portfolios of stunning photography....learn more

» Discover - Provides its readers with immediate access to startling developments in science, technology and medicine with a renewed emphasis on how those breakthroughs affect their world. The world is evolving faster than ever. New technologies are influencing every ...learn more

» Outside - Created for the active reader, Outside is the magazine devoted to travel, fitness, outdoor gear and sports. Whether you like rock climbing or mountain biking, each issue provides the best coverage of these an other exciting outdoor activities. Vacation tips and profiles of outdoor enthusiasts, along with colorful action photography make this a great resource for the active soul!...learn more

» Reptiles - Ever since the Garden of Eden, people have been fascinated by snakes, and this magazine is for anyone who falls into that category. If you want to know how to feed your python, iguana or frog, turn to Reptiles, the magazine for people who own or breed snakes and amphibians. Each issue provides expert advice and news about species, their care, health, diet and conservation through informative features, columns and brilliantly colored photographs. ...learn more

» Scuba Diving - The magazine diver's trust! Featuring in-depth scuba equipment comparative reviews, dive travel destination reports and feature articles on diving environment, aquatic life, diver nutrition and health....learn more

» Ferrets - In Ferrets Magazine, you'll find out everything you wanted to know about ferrets but didn't know who to ask. You'll even find tips on how to care for your ferret. This is the only magazine where ferret lovers can ferret out up-to-date, relevant information. You also can find ferret owners to connect with in this furry forum....learn more

» Fine Gardening - Fine Gardening can help you improve your green thumb. This magazine offers useful ideas about landscaping and gardening, and America's best gardeners will proffer tips and techniques to help you grow a luscious garden....learn more

» Alaska - The magazine of life on the last frontier....learn more

» Click - Encouraging kids aged three to seven to enjoy the challenge of new learning, Click - which is produced by the editors of Ladybug -- opens up the worlds of science, nature and the environment in a way that's fun and accessible. Click is fun and accessible, helping children to enjoy the world around them while learning about it. ...learn more

» National Geographic Traveler - Discover a wealth of vacation ideas for the U.S., Canada, and overseas destinations. Each issue of National Geographic Traveler features superb photography, lively stories and features and a wide range of practical travel advice. This award-winning bimonthly publication has everything you need to plan the perfect trip....learn more

» Hunting - Are you a hunting enthusiast? Do you look forward to waking up at the crack of dawn in hopes of a great day of your favorite outdoor activity? If so, Hunting Magazine is your publication! Hunting provides expert advice and product information for all hunters, including game, waterfowl, upland game and foreign hunting....learn more

» Wild Bird - Whether you're a veteran or novice bird enthusiast, you will enjoy the informative articles and colorful photos in this magazine. Wildbird covers all aspects of birding, including species profiles, birding guides, product reviews and feeding methods that will make birds flock to your backyard....learn more

» Texas Parks & Wildlife - Outdoor recreation in the Lone Star State is the focus of this magazine, which is packed with stunning color photos and stories about wildlife, fishing, camping, birding, travel, hunting, boating and environmental issues in Texas and its state parks....learn more

» Air & Space - If you have a love of flying, Smithsonian's Air and Space Magazine offers fascinating articles about aviation history, events and personalities. Established in 1985, Air and Space presents in-depth feature stories, essays, book excerpts, historical/nostalgic articles, humorous pieces and photo features. ...learn more

» National Geographic en Espanol - ...learn more

» Natural History - This magazine is geared toward an educated, professional readership of scholars and scientists, but the engrossing, easy-to-understand stories and brilliant photography in Natural History hold appeal for anyone interested in the biological and natural sciences. From anthropology to zoology, this publication brings the latest in scientific news and research to life....learn more

» National Geographic Adventure - Do you love adventure and living life on the edge? This magazine from National Geographic will help the challenge-seeker in you experience the world in new and exciting ways....learn more

» The English Garden - Arguably, the quintessential ideal of every serious gardener. And now, The English Garden-- the first and only magazine which does justice to this idyllic tradition. If you love gardening, you shouldn't be without The English Garden....learn more

» Country Gardens - Country Gardens is an invaluable magazine that helps you to create your own eye-pleasing, fragance-filled country garden. This magazine offers invaluable advice on installing and caring for your garden. Each issue contains profiles of intriguing people and their gardens, ideas for gardens and detailed garden plans....learn more

» Bird Times - There is only one magazine for bird lovers and enthusiasts, and that's Bird Time. Each colorful issue comes packed with articles on training, health care, feeding, aviculture, bird-keeping, wild bird-watching and the culture and enjoyment of our avian companions. Breathtaking photography and keen insight make this a soaring publication, bound for your subscription....learn more

» Bird Watcher's Digest - Bird Watcher's Digest is a colorful, intriguing magazine about birds and the people who watch them. This magazine spotlights the what, when, where and wow of bird watching. You'll find articles on how to identify, attract and feed birds, bird behavior, gardening tips, bird-house construction tips, humor pieces and a crossword puzzle....learn more

» Archaeology - (new subscribers only) Inca mummies. Civil War battlefields.Lost cities submerged. For 50 years, ARCHAEOLOGY has journeyed across the earth to bring you history's secrets and the remarkable lives of the archaeologists who lay them bare....learn more

» US Kids - Children aged six through 10 will love this exciting magazine for its entertaining stories about science and nature, true-life stories, terrific pictures, fun games and activities, super contests, and profiles of real kids doing extraordinary things. US Kids is packed with hobby ideas, humor pieces, puzzles and suggestions for great things to do with computers. ...learn more

» Water Gardening - For everyone who wants to be a successful pond owner, whether they've had a water garden for a day or a decade or are still just planning one. It covers water features of all shapes and sizes, from a 2 gallon pot filled with water for a miniature waterlil...learn more

» I Love Cats - Break out the catnip, meow mix and party! Cat lovers purr at I Love Cats magazine. If you're a feline fan, you'll adore this digest-sized magazine. Readers write and rave about the heartwarming stories, the informative articles, the helpful vet's advice column. You'll also enjoy the great cat photos and contests. Meow!...learn more

» E: The Environmental Magazine - Since its debut in 1990, E: The Environmental Magazine from the Earth Action Network has shared a wealth of information about "green living." This magazine tackles big issues such as global warming and wildlife protection, and it suggests everyday contributions we all can make to preserve and protect the earth in columns such as "Green Business" and a "Going Green" travel column....learn more

» Wildlife Conservation - The award-winning, national publication of the Wildlife Conservation Society is a must-read for every wildlife enthusiast. Every issue takes readers to remote corners of the globe and presents the broad range of wildlife through exciting full-color photographs and firsthand articles from well-known authors and field scientists....learn more

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