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History Magazine Subscriptions

Featured History Magazines...

World renowned for its unparalleled coverage of nature history, science and the arts, Smithsonian Magazine explores life...

12 issues
Cover Price: $48.00
Our Price: $12.00
75% Savings

Art in America
Art in America is a fully illustrated fine arts journal designed for collectors, artists, dealers, art professionals and...

12 issues
Cover Price: $69.96
Our Price: $29.95
57% Savings

World War II
If you're intrigued bv every aspect of the second world war, then you'll want to look at World War II Magazine. This pub...

10 issues
Cover Price: $49.90
Our Price: $21.95
56% Savings

American Legacy
American Legacy takes an insightful look into the heart of the African-American heritage by spotlighting cultural and hi...

4 issues
Cover Price: $11.80
Our Price: $9.95
16% Savings

American History
From the signing of the Declaration of Independence to the celebration of 224 years of glorious freedom, American Histor...

6 issues
Cover Price: $29.94
Our Price: $19.95
33% Savings

Wild West
If you're fascinated by Western heritage, Wild West is the magazine for you. Each issue focuses on the history, people, ...

6 issues
Cover Price: $29.94
Our Price: $19.95
33% Savings

American Heritage
American Heritage explores and enriches your appreciation for our country's sometimes nostalgic, sometimes funny past an...

6 issues
Cover Price: $29.94
Our Price: $12.00
60% Savings

Civil War Times Illustrated
Are you fascinated by the war between the states? Enthralled by the struggles and battles that made our country what it ...

10 issues
Cover Price: $49.90
Our Price: $21.95
56% Savings

Military History
No aspect of world history can be more fascinating than the study of the military and war. Military History gives insigh...

10 issues
Cover Price: $49.90
Our Price: $21.95
56% Savings

Air & Space
If you have a love of flying, Smithsonian's Air and Space Magazine offers fascinating articles about aviation history, e...

6 issues
Cover Price: $23.94
Our Price: $24.00
0% Savings

More History Magazines...

» Natural History - This magazine is geared toward an educated, professional readership of scholars and scientists, but the engrossing, easy-to-understand stories and brilliant photography in Natural History hold appeal for anyone interested in the biological and natural sciences. From anthropology to zoology, this publication brings the latest in scientific news and research to life....learn more

» America's Civil War - This magazine appeals to those who have an enduring fascination about the Civil War. Each issue of America's Civil War examines the war between the states, including little-known facts about that time period. In short, readers will find a comprehensive, authoritative look into the Civil War era. This magazine even includes examples of Civil War artwork, historic photographs and incisive maps of battles and campaigns. ...learn more

» Vietnam - Vietnam veterans and others interested in the history of the conflict are the target readership of this magazine. The Vietnam experience is covered from the personal, historical and global perspective, with first-person commentary and in-depth accounts about the weaponry, battles, strategies and forces....learn more

» Family Tree - The world's best resource for discovering, preserving and celebrating family history. Filled with all the inspiration and information you need to uncover the history, lore and romance of your family's unique past....learn more

» Aviation History - Explore the entire history of manned flight with Aviation History Magazine, which offers readers in-depth articles on the history of world aviation from its earliest beginnings to the advent of the Jet Age. This magazine contains profiles of planes, personalities, aerial oddities, heritage, events and aviation artwork, as well as feature stories and columns about the development of commercial, military, high-performance and experimental aviation....learn more

» Archaeology - (new subscribers only) Inca mummies. Civil War battlefields.Lost cities submerged. For 50 years, ARCHAEOLOGY has journeyed across the earth to bring you history's secrets and the remarkable lives of the archaeologists who lay them bare....learn more

» Christian History Magazine - An illustrated look at Christianity's past heroes and key events....learn more

» American Heritage of Invention & Technology - Read about the Wright Brothers, Thomas Alva Edison and other notable inventors. Only America can boast such a long list of great inventors, visionaries and mavericks who've made tremendous strides in bringing their ideas to fruition. American Heritage of Invention and Technology is the only magazine that allows you to dream along with America's famous inventors. This publication spotlights the history of invention and technology in America, and it spotlights people and ideas that have have chang...learn more

» British Heritage - People who love England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales will enjoy British Heritage. This is the magazine of travel, culture and adventure for those seeking a guide to all things British. ...learn more

» MHQ: The Journal of Miltary History - This is an award-winning, exquisitely illustrated journal that takes readers on an exciting journey through world history from a military perspective- from the origins of armed conflict up to the present day. Distinguished authors bring the world of war to the forefront....learn more

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