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Animal & Pet Magazine Subscriptions

Featured Animal & Pet Magazines...

Your Big Backyard
This award-winning magazine from the National Wildlife Federation nurtures young children's natural attraction to animal...

12 issues
Cover Price: $24.00
Our Price: $19.95
17% Savings

Ranger Rick
The award-winning magazine from the National Wildlife Federation makes learning about the natural world WILD FUN! Each i...

12 issues
Cover Price: $27.00
Our Price: $19.95
26% Savings

Horse Illustrated
In Horse Illustrated, you will learn how to care for your horse. This magazine will give you the scoop about health, nut...

12 issues
Cover Price: $47.88
Our Price: $12.00
75% Savings

Young Rider
Kids, if you love horses and ponies, then you'll want to read Young Rider Magazine. This publication includes breed prof...

6 issues
Cover Price: $23.94
Our Price: $12.99
46% Savings

Aquarium Fish
The monthly magazine for both novice and expert aquarium hobbyists. Aquarium Fish provides information on choosing, cari...

12 issues
Cover Price: $47.88
Our Price: $15.97
67% Savings

Dog Fancy
If your dog is a focal point in your life, then Dog Fancy is the magazine that can help you achieve a greater appreciati...

12 issues
Cover Price: $54.00
Our Price: $14.99
72% Savings

Bird Talk
If you want to walk the bird walk, then you better talk the Bird Talk, the magazine that provides both new and experien...

12 issues
Cover Price: $54.00
Our Price: $13.99
74% Savings

Cat Fancy
Cat lovers, you'll find helpful articles galore in Cat Fancy. This magazine is devoted to helping you care for your cat ...

12 issues
Cover Price: $54.00
Our Price: $14.99
72% Savings

For the most in-depth and interesting coverage of freshwater fishing, reel in a subscription to In-Fisherman. Every issu...

8 issues
Cover Price: $31.92
Our Price: $10.00
69% Savings

Horse & Rider
Written and edited for the western horse enthusiast, Horse & Rider gives you the best and most complete coverage of the ...

12 issues
Cover Price: $47.88
Our Price: $10.00
79% Savings

More Animal & Pet Magazines...

» Field & Stream - True outdoor enthusiasts jump at the chance to read Field & Stream, a leader in the outdoor sports realm. America's No.1 sportsman magazine, Field & Stream features in-depth articles on hunting, fishing and conservation news. Published for over 100 years, you'll be pleased with the editorial excellence you'll get in every issue including first-class fiction and must-reads on the outdoors....learn more

» Gun Dog - Find out the latest in hunting techniques. Take a gander at the best hunting grounds in North America. Gun Dog is America's only magazine exclusively exploring the world of bird hunters and their dogs....learn more

» Dog World - Whether yours is a show dog or a lovable mutt, the Dog World, America's oldest all-breed dog magazine, is for you. Experts offer informative advice on health, breeding and genetics, nutrition and grooming - all either to show off your Best Friend or just to keep him or her in great condition. ...learn more

» Practical Horseman - This leading English riding magazine serves equestrians of all disciplines with how-to and training advice, as well as articles on horse grooming and health care. Practical Horseman also provides information about events and competitions and how to prepare for them....learn more

» Equus - In Equus, the world's top veterinarians, equine researchers, riders and trainers advise you on how to understand and work with your horse. The wisdom in these pages could help you solve some of your toughest riding problems....learn more

» Reptiles - Ever since the Garden of Eden, people have been fascinated by snakes, and this magazine is for anyone who falls into that category. If you want to know how to feed your python, iguana or frog, turn to Reptiles, the magazine for people who own or breed snakes and amphibians. Each issue provides expert advice and news about species, their care, health, diet and conservation through informative features, columns and brilliantly colored photographs. ...learn more

» Sport Fishing - There is no greater rush than hitting the ocean and catching a big-game fish. Sport Fishing is the magazine of saltwater fishing that gives you tips on baiting and rigging, instruction on saltwater flyfishing, reviews of the latest tackle, tips on fine-tuning your boat's electronics, guides to the hottest fishing destinations in the world and information on your next charter....learn more

» Wild Animal Baby - This new magazine from the National Wildlife Federation gently expands your toddler's world and makes lap time extra special! Close-up photos, picture stories, rhymes and games prompt toddlers to learn basic concepts and first facts that includes lots of fun and giggles! Includes web site access....learn more

» Ferrets - In Ferrets Magazine, you'll find out everything you wanted to know about ferrets but didn't know who to ask. You'll even find tips on how to care for your ferret. This is the only magazine where ferret lovers can ferret out up-to-date, relevant information. You also can find ferret owners to connect with in this furry forum....learn more

» Florida Sportsman - No state can boast of an outdoor lifestyle like Florida, and no magazine gives you better fishing and boating instruction than the Florida Sportsman. In-depth articles and how-to pieces about the art and craft of fishing and boating are designed for both the expert anglers and seamen and the casual participants....learn more

» Dressage Today - When you can get your horse to execute complicated maneuvers with a tiny, imperceptible movement of your body, that's an art - and a skill that can take you to the Olympics. This magazine features profiles of the leading dressage riders, along with techniques, advice and inspiration from the experts. ...learn more

» Whole Dog Journal - The monthly guide to natural dog care and training. Whole Dog Journal advocates natural and holistic feed, healthcare methods and successful nonviolent training. Whole Dog Journal does not accept commercial advertising....learn more

» Gray's Sporting Journal - For an intellectual and artistic approach to the outdoor sporting world, engulf your senses with Gray's Sporting Journal. Each issue provides the avid sportsman excellent coverage of hunting and fishing with an emphasis on literature & art. The magazine's unique approach makes for fascinating and enlightening reading. If you are interested in expanding your sporting knowledge, this is your publication....learn more

» Wild Bird - Whether you're a veteran or novice bird enthusiast, you will enjoy the informative articles and colorful photos in this magazine. Wildbird covers all aspects of birding, including species profiles, birding guides, product reviews and feeding methods that will make birds flock to your backyard....learn more

» Salt Water Sportsman - As someone who likes to fish and wants to preserve American natural life, you want to be informed about the best places to sail and the best ways to be environmentally conscious. Salt Water Sportsman is the magazine that delivers. Each issue reports on ocean boating and sailing from a fishing perspective, with a major emphasis on marine conservation....learn more

» Dog & Kennel - Dog and Kennel presents informative and entertaining articles about different breeds. You'll learn everything you need to know, from training your puppy to what it means when Sparky goes "grrrr!" In this magazine, you'll also find tips on health care, feeding, grooming, bonding, events and how to have just plain fun with your dog. ...learn more

» Bird Times - There is only one magazine for bird lovers and enthusiasts, and that's Bird Time. Each colorful issue comes packed with articles on training, health care, feeding, aviculture, bird-keeping, wild bird-watching and the culture and enjoyment of our avian companions. Breathtaking photography and keen insight make this a soaring publication, bound for your subscription....learn more

» Bass & Walleye Boats - Whether you are a boater owner looking to make improvements on your current model or someone who is a first-time boat buyer, Bass & Walleye Boats is the magazine of performance fishing boats, featuring performance modification how-to's, tech tips, new product reviews, and tests of all the new freshwater fishing boats and outboard engines....learn more

» Bird Watcher's Digest - Bird Watcher's Digest is a colorful, intriguing magazine about birds and the people who watch them. This magazine spotlights the what, when, where and wow of bird watching. You'll find articles on how to identify, attract and feed birds, bird behavior, gardening tips, bird-house construction tips, humor pieces and a crossword puzzle....learn more

» Cats & Kittens - Cats and Kittens is the definitive guide for cat lovers. This magazine features articles on breeding, veterinary care, training and grooming to help you and your cat get the most out of each other....learn more

» Bassin' - Interested in becoming a better bass fisher? Want to know where the top spots are to find the biggest bass? Reel in the most complete coverage with Bassin', the top how-to guide for bass fishing. Whether you are an expert angler or just looking to improve upon your fishing skills, Bassin' provides top-notch instructional pieces, rod and equipment reviews and travel and vacation guides. Your number one source for bass fishing information. ...learn more

» Saltwater Fly Fishing - Saltwater Fly Fishing is a magazine dedicated to providing its readers with important information, useful tips and new techniques about the growing sport of saltwater fly fishing. Its articles and columns provide practical how-to for all aspects of saltwater fly fishing for the fishing enthusiast....learn more

» Alabama Game & Fish - If you like to hunt and fish in Alabama, at last there is a magazine just for you! Alabama Game & Fish is the ultimate guide to the great outdoor life in the * State. Detailed articles ranging from choice fishing locations to the best places to camp while out on the hunt give readers all they need to know about the vast landscapes of outdoor recreation in Alabama....learn more

» Trail Rider - America's Trail & Pleasure Riding Magazine....learn more

» AKC Gazette - The official journal for the Sport of Purebred Dogs!...learn more

» Georgia Sportsman - Planing your next fishing trip in the great state of Georgia? Looking for a new place to hunt? Georgia Sportsman is dedicated to the state's entire outdoor gaming experience. Insightful travel and vacation guides, equipment reviews and profiles of local outdoor enthusiasts make this a must-read for both the native resident and the avid tourist. Don't go on your next outdoor adventure without the help of the Georgia Sportsman!...learn more

» American Angler - American Angler is edited to provide readers with the best in where-to, how-to, and when-to information about fly-fishing and fly-tying techniques. The magazine puts an emphasis on home waters, cover entomology, conservation, and products and provide the practical, no-nonsense advice to be successful on the water....learn more

» Missouri Game & Fish - Tap into the uncharted territory and wild waters that make up the great outdoors in Missouri with Missouri Game & Fish magazine. Whether it's a future hunting trip or the need to explore new hot spots for fishing, Missouri Game & Fish comes armed with great travel and vacation tips, hotel and camping site reviews and interesting feature articles that help you get the most from your Missouri experience!...learn more

» California Game & Fish - No state in America offers as much natural beauty and gaming opportunity as California, and if you are an outdoor enthusiast, then California Game & Fish is the perfect magazine. Each issue details the best places to hunt and fish throughout the state, plus in-depth features on equipment and personalities that make reading both informative and interesting....learn more

» Marlin - Looking for the ultimate fish, the one that always seems to get away? Then catch a winner with Marlin, the only international billfishing magazine gives you all the information you need to become a better angler: updates on the world's hottest billfishing destinations, insider tips on live baiting, trolling and fish-fighting techniques, feature glimpses of people influencing the sport, and reviews of the newest sport fishing boats, equipment and electronics. Reel in your best catch yet with Ma...learn more

» Your Dog - The monthly report for caring dog owners from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. YOUR DOG is an indispensable resource on the best care, training, diet, and health guidance for your dog. YOUR DOG does not accept commercial advertising....learn more

» Arkansas Sportsman - A publication that would make Bill Clinton jump up and yell "Soui!" Arkansas Sportsman is dedicated to the total recreational experience the state has to offer. Detailed articles and sharp photography highlight regional areas featuring the best hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities for the naturalist at heart....learn more

» Florida Game & Fish - The fishing and hunting in Florida is some of the best n America. Florida Game and Fish magazine is the perfect guide to help you plan your outdoor activities in the Sunshine State. Travel reviews, tips on planning a vacation and articles about hunting and fishing techniques make for a great reading companion....learn more

» Louisiana Game & Fish - For the most complete guide to the rich outdoor gaming life in Louisiana, look no further than Louisiana Game and Fish magazine. Each issue comes complete with articles that guide you and your passions in the right directions: where to go and stay, the prime fishing and hunting spots throughout the state, equipment reviews and instructionals from experts and fellow gaming enthusiasts. No Louisiana hunter or fisher should be without this publication....learn more

» South Carolina Game & Fish - Getting ready for your next outdoor adventure in the Palmetto State? Let South Carolina Game & Fishing help you navigate the waters and wilderness towards the perfect outing! Learn about the top hunting and fishing spots, read reviews of lodging and camping grounds and check out the latest advances in equipment and gaming techniques. A great resource and reference for the dedicated hunter and angler....learn more

» Illinois Game & Fish - Illinois Game & Fish is the top publication dealing with the outdoor life of Illinois. From the top hunting and camping spots to the best lakes and rivers for fishing, Illinois Game & Fish provides you with the best information that will help you plan your next outdoor adventure. Travel and vacation guides, personal profiles of outdoor enthusiasts and crisp photography fill each page of this publication. Don't plan your next trip to Illinois without it!...learn more

» Indiana Game & Fish - If you thought that Indiana's only recreational activity was basketball... You were wrong! Indiana Game & Fish is the magazine that shows you the Hoosier State's outdoor opportunities. Each full color issue features travel and vacation guides, detailed listing of the state's top hunting and fishing sports, breathtaking photography and personal profiles of local outdoor enthusiasts. Don't plan your next Indiana adventure without picking up Indiana Game & Fish. ...learn more

» Wildlife Conservation - The award-winning, national publication of the Wildlife Conservation Society is a must-read for every wildlife enthusiast. Every issue takes readers to remote corners of the globe and presents the broad range of wildlife through exciting full-color photographs and firsthand articles from well-known authors and field scientists....learn more

» Mississippi Game & Fish - Getting prepared for your next hunting or fishing adventure in the Mississippi Delta? Mississippi Game & Fish will help you on your way to a successful and fulfilling trip! Each issue takes you through all the ins and outs of the outdoor gaming life in Mississippi: travel and vacation articles, lodging reviews and profiles of the state's top nature and gaming enthusiasts provide for informative and interesting reading. No dedicated outdoorsman of the south should be without this publication....learn more

» Great Plains Game & Fish - For the most in-depth coverage of the gaming and outdoor scene in America's great plains, subscribe to Great Plains Game & Fish. Planning a hunting expedition in Kansas? Maybe you need to find a new fishing hole in the Dakotas? Each issue will give your helpful travel ideas, plus reviews of new equipment, profiles of fellow outdoorsmen and expert advice on hunting and fishing techniques from gaming experts. A great resource for both natives and tourists alike,...learn more

» Rocky Mountain Game & Fish - From the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains comes a magazine that is sure to engage anyone who loves the outdoor life of hunting and fishing. With each issue of Rocky Mountain Game & Fish you are given a glimpse into the vast opportunities the Mountains offer in terms of great spots for hunting and plentiful water for fishing. Informative travel and vacation guides and profiles of top local gamesmen, in addition to beautiful photography....learn more

» New England Game & Fish - Do you long for the open streams in Maine? Fantasize about taking time off to spend in the wide open woods of New Hampshire for some good ole gaming? Learn about the best places to hunt and fish for leisure and sport in New England. If this is your cup of tea, at last there is a magazine just for you!...learn more

» Mid-Atlantic Game & Fish - From New Jersey to Maryland, Mid-Atlantic Game and Fish is your complete guide of outdoor gaming in the Mid-Atlantic states. Expert analysis of where to hunt and where to fish, plus great looks at resorts and travel destinations, reviews of the newest equipment and instructionals from fellow hunters and anglers, this is the magazine that keeps you on top of your game. ...learn more

» The New York Dog - ...learn more

» Fido Friendly - Fido Friendly Magazine is The Travel Magazine For You & YourDog, and the one magazine your dog will thank you for! Each issue is packed full of travel destinations that welcome Fido as well as fun and informative articles pertaining to: Diary of Dog Chef, Fido Friendly Hotel and City reviews & more....learn more

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