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Electronics Magazine Subscriptions

Featured Electronics Magazines...

Consumer Reports
Testing products since 1936: Unbiased monthly reports on cars, home appliances, electronics, computers, food, health, fi...

13 issues
Cover Price: $58.89
Our Price: $26.00
56% Savings

Popular Mechanics
Let's be honest. You pride yourself on being a jack-of-all-trades, but when it comes to those tough fix-it projects, you...

12 issues
Cover Price: $42.00
Our Price: $12.00
71% Savings

Maximum PC
Are you techno savvy? Looking to make improvements to your PC? Or just trying to keep up with the latest in home computi...

12 issues
Cover Price: $47.88
Our Price: $12.00
75% Savings

Car Audio & Electronics
Read about the best electronic components from top manufacturers worldwide....

12 issues
Cover Price: $47.88
Our Price: $15.95
67% Savings

Popular Science
For the very definition of what's new and cutting edge, look no further than Popular Science. Covering the latest develo...

12 issues
Cover Price: $47.88
Our Price: $14.97
69% Savings

PC World
The computer industry is always in a constant state of change. That's why as a PC user needs the most up-to-date informa...

12 issues
Cover Price: $83.88
Our Price: $19.97
76% Savings

Tech is taking over. Want to make it an exciting part of your life? Wired makes it easy, with complete coverage of the...

12 issues
Cover Price: $59.40
Our Price: $12.00
80% Savings

Electronic Gaming Monthly
Stay ahead of the competition with a subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly. Every issue offers both the beginner and...

12 issues
Cover Price: $59.88
Our Price: $19.97
67% Savings

PC Magazine
PC Magazine is a major source of information for computing professionals. Every issue provides comprehensive product ev...

22 issues
Cover Price: $131.78
Our Price: $34.97
73% Savings

The first and only magazine to explore both the interiors and exteriors of modern home design in a stylish yet accessibl...

9 issues
Cover Price: $44.91
Our Price: $19.95
56% Savings

More Electronics Magazines...

» Mix - As a music professional, you need the latest news on industry business and technology, which is why Mix is the magazine you need to stay ahead. Mix is the world's leading magazine for the professional recording and sound production industry. Mix covers applications, industry news, and product information, in addition to equipment reviews and analysis from leading industry professionals.....learn more

» PC Gamer (no cd-rom) - The #1 Computer Game Magazine. The latest game reviews, gaming news, tips, tricks and strategies to get the most out of your computer gaming experience....learn more

» Home Theater - Do you know the difference between THX Ultra and select? If you don't, then this magazine can help you find out. If you do, then you'll enjoy the exclusive interviews and in-depth discussions this magazine has to offer. Home Theater keep consumers' budgets in mind when previewing and testing the latest technologies. In the milieu of sales pitches and marketing promises, this magazine brings you the truth about electronic products. ...learn more

» Electronic Musician - Are you a music enthusiast? Does tickling the keys tickle your fancy? Get the most in technology for making and recording music out of Electronic Musician Magazine. You'll look forward to every riveting issue including information you can't get anyplace else on keyboards, synthesizers, MIDI and digital recordings....learn more

» Sound & Vision - The world's largest entertainment equipment magazine, Sound & Vision is the preeminent source for consumers of home theater, audio, video and multimedia products....learn more

» Electronic House - You've seen them in the movies and fantasized about them since childhood, and now Electronic House gives you the inside scoop on creating fully-automated homes. From audio-video systems to houses that talk and the latest improvements that work with the touch of one button, you'll find it all here. Instead of "Bond. James Bond," you'll be able to say "Me. Just Me." ...learn more

» Macworld - Since its inception in 1984, the Macintosh has been pioneering the world of computers. And Macworld magazine keeps you abreast of the continuing computer developments being made by the Mac. Macintosh users can rely on Macworld's incisive product reviews, in-depth feature, articles, technical pointers, buying tips and Labs-based performance reports. With specialized up dates on desktop publishing, graphics, connectivity and telecommunications....learn more

» Dr. Dobb's Journal - For more that 20 years, Dr. Dobb's Journal has been the leading magazine for software developers. Continuing into the 21st century, this magazine, written by professional programmers for other professionals, is the foremost source of software tools and programming techniques. If you are serious about the latest in programming technologies, then this is your magazine....learn more

» Stereophile - Founded in 1962, Stereophile is the oldest and largest U.S. publication dedicated to high-performance audio components. Each issue features reports and reviews on audio components, and advice on system installation and use in the home. If you're a high-fidelity stereo perfectionist, Stereophile is for you....learn more

» Custom Rodder - Are you longing for the days of drive-in movies and poodle skirts? Missing the hot-rods and fast cars of your youth? Then take a ride with Custom Rodder, devoted entirely to the study and restoration of cars from the fifties and sixties. Helpful modification tips and profiles of classic cars and their collectors make this a must-read for those looking to take a trip back in time to the world of drag racing and the Fonz!...learn more

» MacHome - ...learn more

» Home Entertainment - Home Entertainment features state-of-the-art home thearters and unique home entertainment centers from around the world....learn more

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