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Computers & Internet Magazine Subscriptions

Featured Computers & Internet Magazines...

Maximum PC
Are you techno savvy? Looking to make improvements to your PC? Or just trying to keep up with the latest in home computi...

12 issues
Cover Price: $47.88
Our Price: $12.00
75% Savings

For the ultimate in skateboard coverage turn to Skateboarding, the number one skateboarding magazine. Every issue contai...

12 issues
Cover Price: $47.88
Our Price: $14.95
69% Savings

PC World
The computer industry is always in a constant state of change. That's why as a PC user needs the most up-to-date informa...

12 issues
Cover Price: $83.88
Our Price: $19.97
76% Savings

Explore the exciting new world of computer photography with PC Photo. Shows you how to enjoy the exciting and affordable...

9 issues
Cover Price: $44.91
Our Price: $11.97
73% Savings

Tech is taking over. Want to make it an exciting part of your life? Wired makes it easy, with complete coverage of the...

12 issues
Cover Price: $59.40
Our Price: $12.00
80% Savings

Electronic Gaming Monthly
Stay ahead of the competition with a subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly. Every issue offers both the beginner and...

12 issues
Cover Price: $59.88
Our Price: $19.97
67% Savings

Get with the game and take a look at GamePro, the number one multi-platform gaming magazine. Covering all home video gam...

12 issues
Cover Price: $71.88
Our Price: $17.97
75% Savings

PSM Playstation 2 Magazine
Unofficial. Unbiased. Unrivaled. America's best selling and most trusted Playstation magazine. This is where the fervent...

12 issues
Cover Price: $59.88
Our Price: $12.00
80% Savings

PC Magazine
PC Magazine is a major source of information for computing professionals. Every issue provides comprehensive product ev...

22 issues
Cover Price: $131.78
Our Price: $34.97
73% Savings

Official Xbox Magazine
Dedicated to the new Microsoft gaming console-the Xbox. Each issue has exclusive inside information on Xbox, the games, ...

12 issues
Cover Price: $95.88
Our Price: $14.95
84% Savings

More Computers & Internet Magazines...

» Computer Shopper - Here's the nation's largest and most reliable guide to the best, dollar-wise computer deals. Every issue features over 100 mail-order deals for hardware, software, printers, peripherals and accessories--plus a quick-reference product index, and a hardware shopper's guide with comparison charts. The ultimate consumer guide for your computer shopping needs....learn more

» PC Gamer (no cd-rom) - The #1 Computer Game Magazine. The latest game reviews, gaming news, tips, tricks and strategies to get the most out of your computer gaming experience....learn more

» How - The graphic designer's up-to-the minute resource for ideas, techniques, and business advice. Includes special issues devoted to self promotion, Web design, creativity and more....learn more

» Business 2.0 - The Internet Age has ushered in Business 2.0, a magazine that covers the people and ideas shaping the new economy. In this cutting-edge magazine, you'll find articles about new leaders and visionary people making new rules in this quickly evolving Web country. ...learn more

» Computer Gaming World - Computer Gaming World is the bible for the serious computer game player. This magazine is packed with in-depth reviews of new releases, sneak previews of upcoming games, the latest on new platforms and technologies, and the all-important strategy secrets for winning. No wonder it's America's top computer gaming magazine....learn more

» Mac Addict - the ultimate hands-on guide to everything Macintosh. Its mission is to provide the reader with the most comprehensive range of information possible, from upgrading to troubleshooting to customizing a Macintosh desktop....learn more

» Macworld - Since its inception in 1984, the Macintosh has been pioneering the world of computers. And Macworld magazine keeps you abreast of the continuing computer developments being made by the Mac. Macintosh users can rely on Macworld's incisive product reviews, in-depth feature, articles, technical pointers, buying tips and Labs-based performance reports. With specialized up dates on desktop publishing, graphics, connectivity and telecommunications....learn more

» Dr. Dobb's Journal - For more that 20 years, Dr. Dobb's Journal has been the leading magazine for software developers. Continuing into the 21st century, this magazine, written by professional programmers for other professionals, is the foremost source of software tools and programming techniques. If you are serious about the latest in programming technologies, then this is your magazine....learn more

» Sys Admin - Make your system perform better than ever with Sys Admin, the only magazine devoted in its entirety to UNIX systems administration. Each issue contains solid, practical information that will allow you to improve the performance and extend the capabilities of your system. Plus, must-read info on shell script and crash recovery. ...learn more

» Consumer Guide - Consumer Guide has been providing very important buying information to the public for over 30 years. Whether new or used cars, computers, consumer electronics or home goods, if a product is included in an issue, consumers know it's worth consideration. Each trustworthy issue includes reviews, retail prices and low prices to follow as guides....learn more

» MacHome - ...learn more

» Insurance & Technology - Insurance & Technology reveals how executives at life, health, property and casual, and insurance companies can use technology to maximize productivity and achieve a clear competitive advantage. You will get up to the minute application forecasts and specific guidance on technology decisions. ...learn more

» Wall Street & Technology - Wall Street & Technology identifies information technology trends driving the securities and investment industries and focuses on emerging technologies for today's business challenges. Each issue targets mission applications that have an impact on the competitive advantage and probability of Wall Street firms. ...learn more

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