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Audio & Video Magazine Subscriptions

Featured Audio & Video Magazines...

Maximum PC
Are you techno savvy? Looking to make improvements to your PC? Or just trying to keep up with the latest in home computi...

12 issues
Cover Price: $47.88
Our Price: $12.00
75% Savings

Entertainment Weekly
Only national magazine providing weekly coverage of all the popular arts....

57 issues
Cover Price: $199.50
Our Price: $38.95
81% Savings

PC World
The computer industry is always in a constant state of change. That's why as a PC user needs the most up-to-date informa...

12 issues
Cover Price: $83.88
Our Price: $19.97
76% Savings

Explore the exciting new world of computer photography with PC Photo. Shows you how to enjoy the exciting and affordable...

9 issues
Cover Price: $44.91
Our Price: $11.97
73% Savings

As America's foremost magazine of social parody, biting political satire and just plain silliness, MAD continues to attr...

12 issues
Cover Price: $42.00
Our Price: $12.00
71% Savings

Bass Player
Whether you are a professional bass player looking for some fine tuning or a beginner wanting some expert instruction, B...

12 issues
Cover Price: $59.88
Our Price: $19.00
68% Savings

Shutterbug is the number one information and buying source for serious photographers today. Each jumbo (10"x13") issue i...

12 issues
Cover Price: $47.88
Our Price: $12.00
75% Savings

As a music professional, you need the latest news on industry business and technology, which is why Mix is the magazine ...

13 issues
Cover Price: $90.87
Our Price: $19.97
78% Savings

Want a front row seat to Hollywood without leaving your living room? Premiere is your ticket. Jam-packed with the latest...

10 issues
Cover Price: $39.90
Our Price: $11.97
70% Savings

Home Theater
Do you know the difference between THX Ultra and select? If you don't, then this magazine can help you find out. If you...

12 issues
Cover Price: $59.88
Our Price: $10.00
83% Savings

More Audio & Video Magazines...

» Satellite Direct - What to get the most out of your DIRECTV and USSB package? Subscribe to Satellite Direct and get the dish on what your dish can offer! Since 1994, Satellite Direct has been the consumer's guide to DIRECTV and USSB programming. Whether you are a movie buff who needs to know when the next screening of "Casablanca" will air, or a sports fanatic with a passion for international events, Satellite Direct unlocks the door to a world of new program viewing opportunities....learn more

» Electronic Musician - Are you a music enthusiast? Does tickling the keys tickle your fancy? Get the most in technology for making and recording music out of Electronic Musician Magazine. You'll look forward to every riveting issue including information you can't get anyplace else on keyboards, synthesizers, MIDI and digital recordings....learn more

» Sound & Vision - The world's largest entertainment equipment magazine, Sound & Vision is the preeminent source for consumers of home theater, audio, video and multimedia products....learn more

» Keyboard - Are you a fan of the ebony and ivory keys? Were you one of those kids who had to be dragged away from the keyboard? Keyboard is the definitive source of keyboard technology and techniques. Get the most out of your treasured keyboard with techniques, tips and useful hands-on evaluations with this important monthly publication....learn more

» Funny Times - The best way to combat the trials and tribulations of every day life is to laugh. And there is a definite lack of funny out there. That's why you and your sanity need Funny Times, the monthly humor newspaper featuring the best of recent cartoons and humor pieces selected from the national print media on politics and culture. Learn to laugh at the world again, or keep on laughing with the help of this comic collection. Don't be so serious and read Funny Times....learn more

» Humpty Dumpty's - This award-winning publication emphasizes basic learning with stories, poems, games and puzzles that help your four-to-six-year-old develop into a well-rounded child. Humpty Dumpty's Magazine teaches basic learning with stories, poems, games, puzzles and cartoons....learn more

» Electronic House - You've seen them in the movies and fantasized about them since childhood, and now Electronic House gives you the inside scoop on creating fully-automated homes. From audio-video systems to houses that talk and the latest improvements that work with the touch of one button, you'll find it all here. Instead of "Bond. James Bond," you'll be able to say "Me. Just Me." ...learn more

» Macworld - Since its inception in 1984, the Macintosh has been pioneering the world of computers. And Macworld magazine keeps you abreast of the continuing computer developments being made by the Mac. Macintosh users can rely on Macworld's incisive product reviews, in-depth feature, articles, technical pointers, buying tips and Labs-based performance reports. With specialized up dates on desktop publishing, graphics, connectivity and telecommunications....learn more

» Stereophile - Founded in 1962, Stereophile is the oldest and largest U.S. publication dedicated to high-performance audio components. Each issue features reports and reviews on audio components, and advice on system installation and use in the home. If you're a high-fidelity stereo perfectionist, Stereophile is for you....learn more

» FILMMAKER - FILMMAKER presents an insider's perspective on the world of independent filmmaking. Since 1992, FILMMAKER has documented the phenomenal growth of independent filmmaking. The magazines in-depth interviews with leading independent filmmakers make FILMMAKER an indispensible industry....learn more

» Comic Buyer's Guide - From Gotham City to the Hall of Justice, Comic Buyer's guide takes you though the magical world of comic books with insight and flare. Provided collectors, professionals and casual readers with the latest news about comics and related items. Each issue includes a popular letters section and the hobby's largest marketplace for news and back-issue comics and memorabilia....learn more

» JAZZIZ - Designed to attract an audience that may not typically subscribe to a music magazine with its monthly companion CD, graphics, and photography, and life-style oriented coverage. By design, JAZZIZ attracts the novice listener with its unintimidating, stylis...learn more

» Cinescape - Any fan of action entertainment needs Cinescape, the award-winning action/adventure/sci-fi magazine that's filled with the latest news, reviews and previews on your favorite action movies, TV shows and new media products. You'll also get behind-the-scenes updates on plots and casting, as well as interviews with directors, stars and special effects wizards who make it all happen. ...learn more

» MacHome - ...learn more

» AudioFile-The Audiobook Review - Audiobooks are a hit these days, especially with commuters. If you're one of those regular audiobook listeners, you'll want to turn to AudioFile, the only magazine devoted to audiobooks. Each issue brings you more than 100 reviews of new audiobooks, a list of new releases, interviews with authors and narrators and the latest in industry news. ...learn more

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